ailing from a rural area around Mantova, in the green northern Italy, Anchise Bolchi is one of the most sought-after country music artists in Italy and one of the most experienced in that genre.

He got his first guitar at the age of 9. However, mastering the guitar wasn't enough for the young man, always hungry for new musical challenges.... Attracted by several other string instruments, he learned to play fiddle, dobro, pedal steel guitar as well as piano.

Today, the fiddle is his basic instrument, and he tours Italy thrilling crowds with his fast, smokin' fiddle playing American popular music (the genre he loves) with a 90's country-oriented style.

In 1989, he left a career as an industrial designer to become a full time country music artist by joining a country-rock band called "ARIZONA".

It wasn’t long before the music business started to take note of this highly talented musician able to play most of any string instrument known in the world with a dexterity rarely seen before. Soon he began to receive offers to add his picking to studio albums by big Italian stars.

He worked with the famous Italian rocker LIGABUE for his 1991 tour and album, "Lambrusco, Coltelli e Popcorn" playing steel guitar, banjo and dobro. Other cooperations included playing steel, dobro and fiddle for Italian pop stars
, FAUSTO LEALI and singer/songwriter MARIO LAVEZZI.

He also had the honor to be chosen to appear in concert with GUY CLARK in 1992 in Turin and Steve Young in 1996 in Milano.

In 1991, countless requests to perform live at events and clubs led Anchise to embark on a solo artist career. He was also offered a deal to perform daily in the nationwide renowned theme park "Gardaland", which he accepted, seeing it as a great opportunity to test new songs (which he keeps adding all the time to his repertoire) before performing them on the road.
Each and every afternoon, throughout the park's regular opening season, the area of the western city where
Anchise Bolchi was performing was jammed by hundreds of people fascinated by his incredible skills and attracted by the modern country sounds his self-created backing tracks delivered.

At the beginning of 1997 his first CD came out, titled
"THE LAST TRACK", and this is an album that shows everything Anchise Bolchi is able to do: entirely sung, played, recorded and mixed by the artist himself, it's full of covers of very successful pop and country songs, rearranged in a very modern way and impeccably performed.

At the end of 1999, he released “THE SPACE FIDDLER”, showing top class technique and awesome taste.

In 2000, during a tour in the U.S., he attended The Fiddle Contest in Colorado and ranked second.

In 2003, he was nominated Entertainer of the Year not American for the CMA Country Music Association in Nashville (Tennessee).

In 2009, Nashville singer/songwriter MICHAEL PETERSON chose him and his NEXT STOP BAND as his European backing band.

In 2015 famous Italian rocker LIGABUE wants him in his epic performance @ Campo Volo - Reggio Emilia Italy.

In 2018 the new experience of playing in trio "The Fox", new songs of American-Irish Music in Acoustic Style and complex vocal structures.

Today Anchise, although he always loves the stage and the warmth of his large audience, is very involved in mixing and mastering audio for record productions, collaborating with Italian and foreign majors, also composing music and lyrics. 


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Anchise Bolchi - 22, via Mazzini - 46017 Rivarolo┬áMantovano (MN) Italy    348/2850307
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