Off the coast of Africa
Bound for South America
A world away from here
Is a ship that sails the sea
Is a man who's just like me
And I wish that I was there

I'm a lonely lighthouse,
not a ship out in the night
I'm watching the sea
She's come half-way round
the world to see the light
and to stay away from me
There is a shipwreck lying at my feet
Some weary refugee from the rolling deep
Ah, would you lose it all and fall for me?

Couldn't we shine?
I'm rolling all my golden
moments into one
Like to shine like the sun
for one more summer day
Like to shine like a lighthouse
for one last summer night
Flashing on, flashing, fading away

Well if you feel lost and lonely
and don't know where to go
And you hear this song on the radio
Or even if you're feeling healthy and strong
You might like to sing along
But just because I might be standing here
That don't mean I won't be wrong this time
You could follow me and lose your mind


Country Road Music Inc