Years Behind Bars
(M.Murphy – G.Nunn)

On the edge of Oklahoma like a squall line
in the morning he is speeding
Shifting down to some new low gear inside his
heart to slow is feeling
With match books in his pockets telling how
to finish High School
And magazines about country music stars
He's talking about all those years
He spent behind bars

He was not really evil he
just could not come off good
He had a mean streak
He left the home place looking
for a scene and found
He'd never be a scene freak
And ninety miles an hour's easy even
when the grits are greasy
There's food for thought in every passing car
When you're thinking about all those years
spent behind bars

He thought he had a woman
who would let him pay his dues
and now that he's paid them he's got
no more woman to loose

But you cannot blame a man
for trying to right or wrong
He sees he must react
When someone takes a part of you
you cannot help
But try and take it back
And when he steals it any way
sometimes you loose control
But that's a price you pay
for being what you are
But it might cost you
a few years behind bars

Epic Records Inc